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Aurmon grew up in Silicon Valley, where he was influenced at a young age by his parents’ successful real estate business as brokers and investors. He remembers walking through properties with his mom and dad, overhearing their business calls, and learning their negotiating tactics. After graduating from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a degree in business finance, Aurmon began his career in financial services in the Portland, Oregon area while transacting real estate on the side. He quickly excelled at the investment firm, setting all-time records in his first year, but realized he was not pursuing his passion.

It became clear to Aurmon that real estate was his calling, and he dove into the industry headfirst, earning his commercial real estate certification from Cornell University and becoming a commercial real estate advisor in San Diego. Aurmon then leveraged his commercial brokerage experience to join forces in a new venture with a prolific developer and high-net-worth family office in Newport Beach. As a principal of a private real estate investment firm, Aurmon was responsible for out-of-state multifamily acquisitions and helped the firm grow from $0 to $130 million in assets under his management.

Aurmon leverages his broad experience to give his clients a competitive edge in the key Coastal California markets. He has a proven track record in high-value properties, handling assets valued from $5 million to $80 million in residential and commercial real estate. He has experience across the key Coastal California markets and beyond. Motivated by helping others, Aurmon is a fierce advocate for his clients’ interests. He builds strong relationships with his clients, and his commitment to excellence shines through in every transaction.

Aurmon is passionate about strengthening communities both at home and abroad. He is a sponsor at Children International, a nonprofit that serves underprivileged children, and at Dream Makers, a nonprofit that fulfills the dreams of terminally ill adults. In his spare time, Aurmon enjoys reading, exercising and traveling.

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