From Hands-On to Hands-Off

Transforming Time into Passive Income

The Challenge

Two brothers owned a demanding multi-tenant industrial property, yearning for retirement freedom and passive income. They were tired of tenant headaches, deferred maintenance, and subpar returns. Driven by the desire to spare their heirs a similar fate, they sought guidance. 

Enter CCG

We assessed their goals. Their dream? Passive income for a carefree retirement and to leave a legacy their kids would cherish. Their reality? A demanding property yielding them a meager 3% return on equity. We saw the gap.

Strategic Transformation

  1. Marketing Mastery: We showcased the property to a wide investor network, utilizing major platforms and our extensive database. An institutional-quality offering memorandum attracted multiple offers, securing the best from a reliable buyer.
  2. 1031 Exchange Expertise: We explored various up-leg options, including multifamily, triple net leases, and DSTs. Ultimately, an out-of-state triple net lease with a corporate tenant emerged as the perfect fit, doubling their cash flow.

The Rewarding Outcome

  • Drastically Increased Cash Flow: Their new investment boasts a 100% increase in cash flow compared to their previous property.
  • Time Freedom Achieved: No more tenant management or property headaches, freeing them to enjoy retirement.
  • Passive Income Security: The triple net lease offers predictable, hands-off income for a peaceful future.
  • Building Generational Legacy: This investment isn't just for them, its for their children and grandchildren. With stable income and long-term potential, it's a gift that keeps on giving.

Beyond the Transaction

CCG acted as trusted advisors throughout the process, understanding their priorities and relentlessly pursuing their best interests. This case study exemplifies our commitment to:

  • Personalized Goal Alignment: We listen and tailor strategies to your unique aspirations.
  • Expert Marketing & Negotiation: We secure the best outcomes, maximizing your value.
  • Seamless 1031 Transitions: We navigate complexities to ensure a smooth exchange.
  • Long-Term Partnership: We're with you every step of the way, beyond the deal.

Work With Us

No two journeys are the same. That's why we prioritize understanding your unique vision and aspirations. Through open dialogue and data-driven insights, we'll craft a path that aligns perfectly with your goals.