Advisor vs Retail

Unlocking Maximum Value with Expert Guidance

The Crossroads

Our client, Scott, a savvy investor, had meticulously renovated two charming single-family homes on a single lot, creating a lucrative short-term rental haven. The properties enjoyed steady income, but subpar management gnawed at him, leaving him feeling frustrated and yearning for a better solution. Enter the preemptive offer: a seemingly fair market value deal, yet a nagging doubt lingered – was this truly the peak he could reach? Scott, determined to maximize his return and avoid exchange complexities, while avoiding the tax implications of an out-right sale, sought our expertise.

Beyond the Obvious

While the offer held merit, we saw Scott's vision farther. We envisioned not just a sale, but a strategic masterpiece. Unlike traditional approaches, we planned to attract diverse investors through a carefully crafted message. This message would highlight:

  • Operational Value-Add: Optimized management could significantly boost profitability, turning good revenue into exceptional income.
  • Renovation Potential: Strategic modernizations could attract premium renters, further amplifying the earning power of the asset.
  • Location Advantage: Nestled in a thriving short-term rental market, the property boasted exceptional demand and growth potential.

Breaking the Mold

Ditching the routine, we cast a statewide net, attracting a wider pool of potential buyers beyond the usual local suspects. Our target audience included:

  • Retail Buyers: Individuals seeking a unique live-in/rental opportunity, combining the charm of homeownership with income generation.
  • Local Investors: Savvy individuals eager to expand their portfolios with a high-performing asset.
  • Out-of-Area Investors: Investors with keen eyes for strategic opportunities, recognizing the property's strong fundamentals and untapped potential.
  • Portfolio Buyers: Experienced investors seeking to add a solid, income-generating property to their holdings.

The Bidding Frenzy

Our innovative approach set the stage for an electrifying bidding war! Offers poured in from diverse buyers across California, each vying for this exceptional opportunity. San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, even the Bay Area - the competition was fierce!

Results Beyond Expectation

The final outcome? A staggering 21% higher sale price compared to the initial offer, far exceeding Scott’s initial expectations! But the story doesn't end there:

  • Financing Advantage: Through our expansive network, the winning bidder secured favorable 5.5% seller financing, saving them a significant sum compared to market rates in the mid 7% range.
  • Seamless Transition: We ensured a smooth escrow process for both parties, guiding them through each step and offering the buyer additional value-creation strategies.
  • Win-Win for All: The buyer is already implementing exciting renovations, thrilled with their investment's potential. Scott, on the other hand, received a premium price, avoided exchange complexities, and enjoys the security of a note backed by the property he meticulously cultivated.

Beyond the Transaction

This wasn't just a sale; it was a testament to strategic vision, creative marketing, and unwavering commitment to our client's goals. We went beyond the ordinary, unlocked hidden value, and delivered exceptional results for both parties.

Work With Us

No two journeys are the same. That's why we prioritize understanding your unique vision and aspirations. Through open dialogue and data-driven insights, we'll craft a path that aligns perfectly with your goals.